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Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game 30/06/2022

Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game 30/06/2022

This week's free games on the Epic Games Store are...

Geneforge 1: MutagenHood: Outlaws & Legends and Iratus: Lord of the Dead are free on the Epic Games Store from 4pm GMT on 30th June 2022 to 4pm GMT on 7th of July 2022.

Geneforge 1: Mutagen

Publisher: Spiderweb Software, Developer: Spiderweb Software

Unique, open-ended fantasy RPG in an alien land. Use battle or cunning to change the world, served by your army of custom-made mutant monsters. Tons of skills, treasures, factions, treasures, and creations. Unmatched freedom and replayability in an epic story.

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Geneforge 1

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Publisher: Focus Entertainment, Developer: Sumo Digital

In a violent, medieval world, outplay rival gangs in intense PvPvE multiplayer heists. Moving in stealth to steal treasures unseen or dominating through loud and brutal combat, only the best will escape with hard-earned riches.

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Hood Outlaws Legends

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment, Developer: Unfrozen

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. Lead an army of undead to help an angry necromancer in his quest to reach the surface world and bring death to the mortal realms!

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Iratus Lord of the Dead2

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