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The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 53 - The Great E3 2016 Roundup

The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 53 - The Great E3 2016 Roundup

This week on the GrinCast we go over everything that happened at E3 2016 - the highs, lows the games and the cringe-worthy presenting. In this lightning podcast we attempt to cover every single announcement at the event in just 60 minutes. We've got everything from Kojima to Final FantasySouth Park to God of War and Zelda to Battlefield 1.

We'll also have our usual off topic nonsense and laughs, including the intriguing question: do magnets work in space? All that and more!

As always you can get in touch with the GrinCast on Twitter or through the comments below. Let us know what you think! Remember, you can subscribe on iTunes, too!

Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

Staff Writer

Financial journalist by trade, GameGrin writer by choice. Writing skills the result of one million monkeys with one million typewriters.

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Emseypenguin - 12:36am, 17th June 2016

49:49 for the best question of all time.