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The GrinCast Episode 225 - "I Fought Joaquin Phoenix's Joker"

The GrinCast Episode 225 - "I Fought Joaquin Phoenix's Joker"

Welcome to the GrinCast, your guide to the world of gaming news from the past week. This week Nikki hosted while Ace, Franjaff, and special guest Lewis provided support.

This week we talked about EA abandoning the Skate trademark, Capcom saying that they haven't forgotten about Deep Down, and the Google Staida launch line up. We also took a moment to discuss the new design of Sonic in the upcoming film, along with trying to understand the inner workings of Hideo Kojima's mind.

Our main topic this week was: We talked to much about Death Stranding!

Don't forget, we're giving away a Nintendo Switch Lite so make sure you enter.

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