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The GrinCast Episode 240 - The PlayStation 2 Turns 20

The GrinCast Episode 240 - The PlayStation 2 Turns 20

Welcome to the GrinCast, your guide to the world of gaming from the past week. This week Nikki hosted while Ace provided company. 

This episode we talked about the games we have been playing from the past week while also focusing the whole episode to remembering the PlayStation 2, which turns 20 this year!

We talked about the good, the bad, the somewhat ugly movie tie in games and Ace tells a story about starting a community. 

Happy birthday to the best selling console of all time! 

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Emuobo Madago
Emuobo Madago - 02:05pm, 4th March 2020

I got my PlayStation 2 console six years after it was released. Yeah, I wasn't really a fan of the game back in the year 2002, because I owned a Game Boy Advance then. I thought there was no game better than my Game Boy Advance back then, but it all changed when I played PlayStation 2 in my friend's house two years later. So I begged my parents back then to get me the PlayStation 2 console as a birthday gift in 2004 which they ended up given me two years later. Ever since then I have been a full-time PlayStation Game Console lover. The article has really gotten my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details every week.