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The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 24 - Fallout Special

The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 24 - Fallout Special

This week on the GrinCast we board the hype train and talk all about the upcoming Fallout 4 as well as favorites in the series, crazy theories and the weirdest vaults within the wastes.

All of that plus the games we've been playing and the usual GrinCast banter.

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Calum Parry

Calum Parry

Staff Writer

A bearded fellow whom spends most days gaming and looking at tech he can never afford. Has a keen eye for news and owns a dog that's a bear.

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GarySheppard - 08:31pm, 6th November 2015

This was awesome fun. Thanks for letting me join.I need to play Fallout 3 now and look for the "Gary" vault!