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The GameGrin Grincast! Episode 29 - Simulators, Remakes and Remasters.

The GameGrin Grincast! Episode 29 - Simulators, Remakes and Remasters.

This week on the GrinCast, we'll be talking about games like Euro Truck Simulator, Cityconomy and Arma III. What's the point of doing something as mundane as collecting the rubbish for hours in a game, when your bin at home is overflowing? Is there any joy in doing commonplace jobs in videogames instead of the constant shooty-shooty?  

We'll also be talking about whether we're too tired of seeing the same games over and over with new textures and re-skins, like the upcoming Final Fantasy VII, or if we'd rather enjoy new IPs over continuous remakes and remasters all the time.

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Borja Vilar Martos

Borja Vilar Martos

Staff Writer

Jammy since birth, not so much in videogames. I will rant if you let me. Cake, and grief counselling, will be offered at the conclusion of t

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