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The GameGrin Grincast! Episode 36

The GameGrin Grincast! Episode 36

This week on the GrinCast, we talk about money. The moolah, the dough. Are we responsible spending all this money, or we should stop pre-ordering? (Spoiler, the answer is always to stop pre-ordering).

Blizzard just turned 25 years old, which makes Dom's and Emsey's eyes all teary. And so does the announcement of the rise in price of Fallout 4's season pass! Are we getting back-stabbed? Why, Bethesda, why? Microsoft making PC gamers happy by releasing Quantum Break on PC seem to have anger many. Some people don't like other people being happy, apparently. Lastly, we talk about piracy, and whether it's had such a big impact in the industry. Arr!

As always you can get in touch with the GrinCast by commenting below. Are we all cheapskates? Is Quantum Break a big deal? 

You can also now talk directly to us on Twitter with our new @GrinCast handle. Ask a question and we'll feature it in next week's podcast!

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Borja Vilar Martos

Borja Vilar Martos

Staff Writer

Jammy since birth, not so much in videogames. I will rant if you let me. Cake, and grief counselling, will be offered at the conclusion of t

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Calmine - 05:02pm, 20th February 2016

Great episode as always guys. Weird without the other two guys though. Especially Cal he's got a lovely voice :P

Emseypenguin - 12:58pm, 22nd February 2016

Cal does have a lovely voice. *swoon*