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The GrinCast Game of the Year Special! Part 1 - The 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2015

The GrinCast Game of the Year Special! Part 1 - The 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2015

As the year draws to a close the pod gathers around a pile of games to decide which were the best and worst of 2015. In this two-part special the GrinCast aims to work out which games were the most disappointing and which were simply the best. It's a bumper edition, with both parts packed with content, opinion, laughs and analysis.

Part one the pod considers which games in 2015 fell flat - which ones disappointed the most gamers and which just didn't live up to the hype. Then, to make their devs feel worse we ranked them into a top 5.

Part two, where we decide the top 10 of 2015 and the ultimate GAME OF THE YEAR, is coming soon!

Now you can follow the GrinCast on Twitter, too! We have our own little handle through which you can ask questions for the next episode, comment on our opinions or just get talking to the pod members!

Remember you can also find the GrinCast, as always, on iTunes.


Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

Staff Writer

Financial journalist by trade, GameGrin writer by choice. Writing skills the result of one million monkeys with one million typewriters.

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trbickmore - 09:54pm, 19th December 2015

Very sexy audio quality

GarySheppard - 07:41pm, 20th December 2015

why thanks, we try our best. And Alex does a great job of making me sound less dreadful in editing.

GarySheppard - 06:27pm, 20th December 2015

I've only just realised that you opened this with "hello listener"

I know we're not the biggest podcast on the net, but I'm sure we have more than one listener!

Hamiltonious - 07:13pm, 20th December 2015 Author

I'm talking to each user indiviually - it's a personal touch, man.